The Policies

Due to limited financial and fostering resources, it is our policy to give preference to purebred Basenjis. Under these limited circumstances, BRAT will take ownership of Basenji mixes that resemble* purebred Basenjis:

  • A pregnant purebred delivers mixed breed puppies.
  • A bonded pair, one a purebred Basenji, the other a Basenji mix.
  • A volunteer takes possession of a mix believing it is a purebred.**

Our IRS determination letter, which reflects we are a qualified 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, may only be used when taking possession of a dog that will become a BRAT-owned mix. The letter may not be used to secure the release of a Basenji mix in the event the dog will not be a BRAT supported rescue.

BRAT's Board of Directors needs to approve all Basenji mixes that will become BRAT-owned, and will make exceptions to the policies on a case-by-case basis.

* We look for traits in Basenji mixes that resemble purebred Basenjis (e.g. prick ears, curly tail, short, smooth coat, etc.)

** This has happened when an inexperienced BRAT volunteer, unfamiliar with the appearance of a purebred, takes possession of a mix, believing it is a purebred.

These scenarios can be avoided if volunteers always request photos before any action is taken. We cannot stress enough the importance of photos – GET PHOTOS before you act! (If a volunteer needs help identifying a dog, refer to BRAT's Shelter Letter or contact us.

If a BRAT volunteer meets the dog and it is not a purebred Basenji, the volunteer should not take possession of the dog unless the volunteer is willing to care for the dog without BRAT’s help.

Revision date 01/22/2023 jk