Dogs listed on our mix page are posted as a courtesy to individuals and shelters. We list mixes with some physical characteristics that are shared by purebred Basenjis. BRAT does not propose to know the parentage of mixes and, by this statement, it informs potential adopters that it cannot and does not assure that the parentage of Basenji mixes include any Basenji. Potential adopters are advised that the most appropriate approach to selecting a companion is to objectively evaluate their own situation and needs and to match that with the personality and behavior of the dog, regardless of parentage.

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The dogs on this page are usually not BRAT dogs. BRAT has not usually evaluated the dogs on this page, and expresses no opinion as to the accuracy of the information contained in their descriptions. Placement will be a private adoption between the dog's current owner or shelter and the adopter. Please be sure to investigate thoroughly all aspects of a possible placement, including the suitability of the dog for your personal situation. By proceeding, you hereby release BRAT from any liability in connection with a particular dog. BRAT is posting this information to assist owners and shelters in their placement efforts.

Basenji-mix listings last updated: 9/27/2022 7:28:03 PM (Pacific time)



Two Bit

Adult, Male
California (New 9/26/2022)

TWO BIT is a 5 year old, 35 pound Basenji mix who was pulled from a shelter's euthanasia list and is now looking for a comfortable home where he can get all the attention he feels he deserves, preferably one with a big backyard! He tends to be a bit aloof at first, but warms up quickly and is affectionate with people he knows. He can be playful and is good with most people, some kids and dogs but can be persnickety; cats are an unknown. Sounds very Basenji to me!

TWO BIT has been neutered, is fully vaccinated, and has tested negative for heartworm. This guy uses a doggy door, walks well on a leash, is very smart, alert. and quite attentive to his handler. He would possibly make a fantastic agility dog for the right person. If he sounds like the perfect fit for you call: 530-842-0829, or email:  There is a$200 adoption fee.




Young, Male
Georgia (New 9/19/2022)

CHIGGER is an approximately 1 year old, 29 pound Basenji mix who came into an overcrowded shelter as a stray. This guy is a friendly, active dog who seems to like most people but he has not been specifically tested with children. He does like other dogs, although he tends to get a bit too excited, but that behavior will most likely extinguish with some training. His thoughts about cats are unknown.  

CHIGGER has his vaccinations, is being given heartworm preventative, and he will be neutered upon adoption. He is housetrained, walks on a leash, and he does have good manners. He is quite Basenji-like all the way down to his lack of much vocalizing. Take a chance and give this fun boy a home, he's dying to get out of his kennel! For more information call: (706) 632-4357, or email:  There is an adoption fee.


Ruah (Roo)

Adult, Female
Texas (New 8/2/2022)

RUAH (ROO) is a 2 year old, 20 pound, possible Basenji/Italian Greyhound mix who is looking for a new home after being picked up as a stray. This is a sweet, smart, playful and sassy girl with a bit of an independent streak. She seems to like most people, unknown with children however would probably be good with older ones, is fine with dogs but interacts best with ones her size, and cats are an unknown.  

RUAH (ROO) has been spayed, updated with vaccinations, and has tested negative for heartworms. She is crate trained, house trained with a doggie door, and is learning some leash manners. Still a youngster, she will depend on her new owner to continue teaching her the skills necessary to become a fantastic companion. But she is clever and well started in that regard. For more information, email:  There is a $300 adoption fee.



Senior, Female
Texas (New 7/5/2022)

COCOA is a 10 year old, 37 pound mix who was originally adopted from a shelter in Singapore. Unfortunately her owners can no longer keep her due to their impending move. This is a real people lover of a dog! She likes everybody, has lived with kids aged 10 and above, and would probably do well with younger ones as well; she is good with dogs, but cats are an unknown.  

COCOA is a healthy girl, is spayed, up to date with vaccinations, and has been kept on heartworm preventative. She is housetrained, really doesn't like her crate - but doesn't need one in the house - is leash trained and certainly loves going for walks. A well-mannered dog, she's calm, quiet, easy to care for and only gets too excited when company comes over. If you are interested, email: or call: (210) 944-5431. There is a $125 adoption fee



Senior, Female
Missouri (New 6/31/2022)

BASENJI SENJI is a 8-9 year old, 43 pound Basenji mix who is needing a new home due to her owner's increased work travel. This sweetheart is always happy to be around people, she'll lay there for hours getting her belly rubbed! She enjoys a good chase of whatever critter it is that comes into her backyard, and she loves her toys! Great with all people including kids, is good with most dogs, but she doesn't like cats.  

BASENJI SENJI is spayed, up to date with vaccinations, is on heartworm preventative, and she takes 8 mg Apoquel daily for allergies; she also eats a dog food for sensitive stomachs. She is a well-mannered dog - with a minor bad habit of jumping on people - is housetrained, hates the crate but doesn't need one in the house; she uses a dog door. If you would like more information email: or call: (816) 699-0379.  There is a $125 adoption fee. 


Layla Layne

Young, Female
New Jersey (New 6/12/2022)

LAYLA LAYNE is a 2 year old, 30 pound, possible Basenji mix who is looking for a new home. Her current family is unable to keep her any longer, and although they will be sad to see her go, they realize she needs a home where more time can be spent with her. A fenced yard would be a bonus for this girl as she would love the opportunity to run free. She is initially uncomfortable with strangers but is good with most adults and children, is fine with other dogs, but doesn't know much about cats.  

LAYLA LANE appears to be a healthy girl; she has her vaccinations including rabies but is not spayed. A home with experienced dog owners is what she needs as some training is going to be required for this one.  Although she is crate trained, she needs more work on her housetraining skills. It is important that her confidence level is improved as she seems uncertain in many situations. Consider being this dogs' hero, email:  There is no adoption fee, but any adoption is contingent on her being spayed. 



Adult, Female
Florida (New 5/21/2022)

TESS is a sweet, quiet 3 year old, 12 pound Basenji mix who was found abandoned on a dirt road. She is initially a bit skittish until she trusts you, but then will want all your love and attention and will show her mischievous side! Energetic and lightning quick or very chill, she'd love a fenced yard. Friendly with most people, hasn't been officially tested with kids but seems fine with the ones she's seen, is good with other dogs, but is unknown with cats.   

TESS has been spayed, is up to date with vaccinations; tested heartworm positive but it is being treated and she is now on preventative. This little girl is crate trained, still working on house training, needs a bit more leash experience, and knows some basic commands. Food motivated, and enjoys positive training, she should be a breeze to turn into a wonderful companion! For more information call: (239) 220-7763, or email: There is an adoption fee, and you will need an adoption application:



Senior, Female
Texas (New 4/9/2022)

ZUNA is a 38 pound, 10 year old Basenji mix who is needing a new home due to the increasing animosity between herself and another canine in the household. This girl adores being with people - even strangers - she is not dog friendly, but absolutely loves cats and kids. She is goofy, and playful, not overly energetic but spunky; loves to go on walks and explore, and her favorite thing in the world is squeaky toys!  

ZUNA is a healthy senior, spayed, vaccinated, and heartworm negative. She does have a slight heart murmur that her vet is monitoring; it does not hinder her at all. For the last couple years her family has had to strictly separate the dogs from each other so she would appreciate having the run of the house again. House and leash trained, she's used to eating in a crate so she is familiar with one. If you would like more information about this sweetheart please call: (432) 967-5517, or email:  There is a $125 adoption fee.



Young, Female
Texas (New 11/25/2021)

BASSY is an approximately 1 year old, 28 pounder who needs a home after simply being dropped off on someone's rural property. This girl is about as Basenji as you can get without actually being a purebred. High energy, snarky, smart, extremely curious about everything, and troublesome if she gets bored. She is good with her people, likes kids, wary of strangers, doesn't really like other dogs, but seems fine with cats.  

BASSY has recently been spayed, completely vaccinated including rabies, HW tested negative and is on prevention. This girl is housetrained, and prefers to lie on top of the crate rather than in it. All her other training is a work-in-progress but she is very well started, already responds to several commands, and she's super food motivated. She is a real catch! For more information call: (214) 385-9580, or There is a $125 adoption fee.