First Quarter Donations 2024

We are an all-volunteer, non-profit organization that survives solely on donations from you. Basenji Rescue and Transport would like to thank the following organizations and individuals for their continued generosity and support. We are deeply grateful!

We are determined by the Internal Revenue Service to be tax exempt pursuant to IRS Code Section 501(c)(3) (Federal Identification No. 75-2804588.) Consult your accountant for further information regarding the tax deductibility of donations to BRAT. View BRAT’s 990 tax forms, IRS determination letter, and Report of Independent CPAs (period ended September 30, 2013).


Abbott Lab Matching Gift 
Anonymous through Microsoft 
Apple Matching Funds — Matching gift of Jennifer Dimitri
AT&T matching funds — Matching gifts of Jennie Johnson

Janet Baloochestani 
Ronald Baran — In honor of John Mueller and all my Rainbow Bridge Basenjis
Jacqueline Barnard 
Basenji Club of SE WI 
Benjamin Bates — In memory of Sheba
Denise Blankenship 
Ann Blanton 
Vicki Brace 
Roberta Bradford 
Tony Brand 
Bread FInancial matching funds — Matching gift of Jennifer Gonzalez
Pam Brickell 
Janice Burnham 
Kevin Byrne 

Cargill matching Funds — Matching gift of Diana Hernandez
Chevron Humankind Matching Gift — Matching gift of Kara Cox
Anita Cholewa 
CNA Insurance Companies Inc — Matching gift of Jennifer Ellin
Coca-Cola matching funds — Matching gift of Amy Cunningham
Dave Coleman — In honor of Norma Coleman
Denise Cooper 
Jason Cossette 
Kara Cox 
Carla Cross 
Bobby Crowl 

Jennifer Dimitri 
John Dolfi — Dophi Family Giving Fund
Julia Drabek
Dawn Edlund 
Brenda Evans
Ann Fath 
Kay Faupel 
Kelly Friesen — In memory of Bell and Esau

Karen Gallup 
Joshua Gayfield — In memory of Chris Drummond
Tim Gibson 
Jennifer Gonzalez — In memory of Sugar Gonzalez
Nancy Grant 
Anna Green 
David Gregory — In honor of Christopher Drummond
Stephen Greif — In memory of Sizzle

Diana Hernandez 
Jason Hinkin
Brenda Jarvis 
Jennie Johnson

Chris Knaff 
Barbara Kolby 
Karen Kramer — In memory of Bob & Juanita Linn & In honor of Sadie
Gary Kretzschmar 
Don Kuhwarth

Jones Lang LaSalle matching gifts — Matching gift of Noah Green 
Randy Levine 
Nancy Lubanovich 
Lisa Ly

Victoria Marcy 
Emma Mellini 
Robert Mermelstein — In honor of Baby Louie's Forever Day
Claudine Mesecher 
Microsoft Matching Gifts Program — Matching gift of Chris Knaff
Cecilla Mokler 
Kenneth Moore 
Christine Morgan 
Elizabeth Musulman 
Marckle Myers
Holly Nicolau — In memory of Sammy

Lucjan Perlowski 
Pfizer Matching Funds — Matching gift of Gary Kretzschmar
Peggy Pick-Sutton — In memory of Sizzle Mayer

Tammy Rahn 
Raytheon Matching Funds — Matching gift of Peter Sheyko
Jane Repko 
Kenny Richmond 
Nicole Roefaro 
Lisa Ropp 
Enrique Ruiz
Stephanie Seery-Murphy — In memory of Lee Josselyn
Pierre-Luc Seguin — In honor of Babba
Peter Sheyko 
Jon Siegel 
Teresa Spruill 
Brooke Stephens
Eric Tabacek — In memory of Christopher Drummond
Ellie Thibault 
Christina Tulfo 
Larry Turley 
Ashley Twigg — In memory of Chris Drummond

United Way CA
Audrey Van Tuyl

Matthew Walsh 
Stephen Warner 
Wells Fargo matching funds — Matching gift of Chris Tollefson
Jane Whang — In honor of Boris
Amanda Wilson — In memory of Audrey Matteson
Patricia Wright