Fourth Quarter Donations 2022

We are an all-volunteer, non-profit organization that survives solely on donations from you. Basenji Rescue and Transport would like to thank the following organizations and individuals for their continued generosity and support. We are deeply grateful!

We are determined by the Internal Revenue Service to be tax exempt pursuant to IRS Code Section 501(c)(3) (Federal Identification No. 75-2804588.) Consult your accountant for further information regarding the tax deductibility of donations to BRAT. View BRAT’s 990 tax forms, IRS determination letter, and Report of Independent CPAs (period ended September 30, 2013).


Ann Adams                                                       
Leslie Addis                                                      
Christopher Alexander                                      
Marnie Alford                                                   
Barry Allred                                                      
Bonnie Almasy                                                 
Anita Archer                                                     
Julie Archer                                                       
Nicholas Arnold                                                
AT&T Matching funds – Matching gift of Jennie Johnson
Maria Ayyat                                                      
Ann Baker                                                         
Sherri Balmain                                                  
Ronald Baran                                                    
Matthew Bausch                                               
Fran Beckett                                                      
Benevity fees                                                    
Pamela Benkosky-Hunsbarger                          
Connie Bishop – In honor of Ben Bishop
Ann Blanton                                                      
Melissa Bloom                                                  
Deborah Bolduc                                                
Darcy Bosshardt                                                
Geoffrey Bowers                                               
Dennis Bowling                                                
Vicki Brace                                                       
Tony Brand                                                       
Bread FInancial Matching funds                      
Bread FInancial Matching funds – Matching gift of Jennifer Gonzalez
Pam Brickell                                                     
William Britton                                                 
Susan Bucholtz                                                 
Richard Burr                                                     
Rhoda Byrne                                                     
Laura Campbell                                                
Sandra Campbell                                               
Megan Carr                                                       
Chala Group inc.                                               
Bryan Chernick                                                 
Ada Cheung                                                      
Chevron Hunankind Matching Gift – Matching gift of Kara Cox
Thomas Chilton                                                
Susan Chuvala                                                  
CNA Corp Charitable Giving – Matching gift of Jennifer Ellin
Denise Cooper                                                  
Jason Cossette                                                   
Trina Cowan                                                     
Kara Cox                                                           
Joan Crawford                                                   
Claudia Crickmore                                            
Sherri Crispin                                                    
Mary Cronindoyle                                             
Derik Crotts                                                      
Kevin Curran                                                    
Julie Dambrosio                                                
Natalie Darling                                                  
Julie Davis                                                        
Mitzi Dearborn                                                  
Steven Decker                                                   
Christy Deemer                                                 
Deft Brewing, LLC                                           
Sharon Depcinski                                              
Victoria Desenberg                                           
Barbara Dettmer                                                
Martha DeWees                                                
Elaine Dionesotes – In memory of Ali
Michael R. Donker                                            
Julia Drabek                                                      
Patricia Duchene                                               
Kathy Duffy                                                      
Sherri Dumont                                                  
Patrick Dyer                                                      
Linda Eberth                                                     
Susan Elder – In memory of Lance
Shelley Ellerd                                                   
Jenifer Ellin                                                       
Johanna Eschberger                                          
John Ewing                                                       
Facebook Payments                                          
Peter Falco                                                        
Dale Fattu                                                          
Kay Faupel                                                        
Jacquelyn Fletcher                                            
Rykert Fowler                                                   
Kelly Friesen

Wilbur Gage                                                      
Karen Gallup                                                     
Larry Gary                                                        
Robb Gauthier                                                   
Lorraine Geland                                                
Karen Gentilman                                               
Janine Gesek                                                     
Pearl Gibson                                                      
Tim Gibson                                                       
The Giving Back Fund, inc.                              
Tamala Gilliland                                               
Katherine Goldman                                           
Jennifer Gonzalez                                             
Edward Graff                                                    
Nancy Grant                                                      
Mary Gregory                                                   
Renevlyn Grey                                                  
Cheryl Grier                                                      
Martha Groene                                                  
Gayle Gyles                                                      
Terry Haefele                                                    
Marjorie Hale                                                    
Dagen Hambleton                                             
Mike Harling                                                     
Leeann Haslour                                                 
Dawn Heefner                                                   
Karen Heisler                                                    
Georgia Henry                                                  
Diana Hernandez                                              
Tacie Hetrick                                                    
Andrea Hilden                                                   
Andalyn Hissong                                              
Carin Horowitz                                                 
Randy Hughes                                                   
Judy Hunt                                                          
Sharon Husak                                                    
Sadie Ishikawa                                                  
Neldo Izquierdo                                                
Evelyn James                                                    
Ruth Jelinek                                                      
Paul Jeszenszky                                                
Eric Johnson                                                      
Jennie Johnson                                                  
Robert Johnston                                                
Kristina Kaisik – In memory of Eddie
Donna Kaufman                                                
Kaufman Kebric                                                
Wendy Ketchum

Marc Kliewer
Chris Knaff                                                       
Katherine Kocel                                                
Barbara Kolby                                                   
Kristine Dougherty

Joseph Lake                                                      
Rachel LaManna – Giving Tuesday
Karen Linderman                                              
Vicky Locke                                                      
Roberta Lopez                                                   
Andreas Lovell                                                  
Pamela Lowrey                                                 
Nancy Lubanovich                                            
Lisa Ly                                                              
David Lyter                                                       
M. Louise James 

Renee MacInnes                                                
Anne MacMillan                                               
Julie Mahoney – In honor of Cody & Maxwell Benjamin
Faye Makishima                                                
Anna Markevitch                                              
Mawn Mawn                                                     
Shirley McCann                                                
Janice McCoy                                                   
Pamela McDermott                                           
Maria Melendez                                                
Janet Merrill                                                      
Mary Mezzetti                                                   
Microsoft Matching Gifts Program – Matching gift of Chris Knaff
Sacha Milton                                                     
Terri Minaya                                                     
Vic Mirisis                                                        
Nancy Mitchell                                                 
Shelley Miyasaki-Minagwa                              
Christine Morgan                                              
Renee Mougin                                                   
Cynthia Moylan                                                
James Mulford – In memory of Bubba & Mitzy
John Mumbach                                                  
Cynthia Munford                                              
Melodie Murphy                                               
Eileen Murray                                                   
Elizabeth Musulman

Barbara Narehood                                             
Liz Newton                                                       
Khanh Nguyen                                                  
Kelly Olander                                                    
Zoe O'Neill                                                       
Margaret O'Reilley                                           
Ginny Padawer                                                  
Pampered Chef                                                  
Purshina Patel Patel, Purshina
PayPal Giving Fund                                          
Stuart Peterson – In honor of Tara
Pamela Phillips                                                 
Peggy Pick-Sutton                                            
Julie Porter                                                        
Kerry Prendergast-V                                         
Igor Primak                                                       
Paula Puckett                                                    
Sherri Quint – In memory of Pippin
Tammy Rahn                                                    
Linda Raines                                                     
Rakuten Matching Funds Matching gift of Victor Mirisis
Xan Raskin                                                        
Kristine Rusmussen                                          
Lisa Rasmussen                                                
Raytheon Matching Funds Matching gift of Pete Sheyko
Christa Reinwall                                               
David Reitzel                                                    
Jane Repko                                                        
Jean Richards                                                    
Amanda Richardson                                          
Kenny Richmond                                              
Stuart Rizick                                                     
Sheila Roell                                                       
Rotante Roell                                                    
Carol Rupert                                                      
Brian Sallerson                                                  
Jill Salmon                                                        
Stella Sapios – In honor of HO Mopar and Zooka
Loretta Sayles                                                   
Helen Schaefer – In memory of Cubby
Mike Schaefer                                                   
Ephraim Schechter                                            
Beth Schmidt – For Ziva
Heather Schmidt                                               
Holley Schwieterman                                       
Nancy Scott                                                       
Sue Seamon                                                      
Debra Sedgeley                                                 
Peter Sheyko                                                     
Georganne Shibata                                            
Jon Siegel                                                          
Dean Sigler – In honor of Xak and Xan Raskin
Jeff Singleton                                                    
Suzanne Siroki                                                  
Vytas Siulte                                                       
Thomas Skomro                                                
Teresa Spruill                                                    
Janice Staugas                                                   
Brooke Stephens                                               
Janice Suerth                                                     
Ritamarie Theiler                                              
Linda Thelen                                                     
Janice Tobacco                                                  
Pamela Tober                                                    
Donna Troyna                                                   
Larry Tucker – In memory of Jumaane and Dharian
Julie Ulrich                                                        
United Way CA                                                
USAA Matching funds                                     
Margo Vidal                                                      
Brian Wallick                                                    
Monica Waterloo                                              
Jane Watkins                                                     
Heather Way                                                     
Mary Webber                                                    
Yvette Weeks                                                    
Julie Welch                                                       
Katherine Whitney                                            
Sarah Whitworth                                               
Brent Wilber                                                     
Oren Will                                                          
Sheree Wolf                                                      
Kristen Wolfenbarger – In memory of Fox
Gene Wozniak                                                  
Darlene Younglove                                           
Tom Zach                                                          
Mark Ziegler                                                     
Krista Zodet