Dogs listed on our mix page are posted as a courtesy to individuals and shelters. We list mixes with some physical characteristics that are shared by purebred Basenjis. BRAT does not propose to know the parentage of mixes and, by this statement, it informs potential adopters that it cannot and does not assure that the parentage of Basenji mixes include any Basenji. Potential adopters are advised that the most appropriate approach to selecting a companion is to objectively evaluate their own situation and needs and to match that with the personality and behavior of the dog, regardless of parentage.

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The dogs on this page are usually not BRAT dogs. BRAT has not usually evaluated the dogs on this page, and expresses no opinion as to the accuracy of the information contained in their descriptions. Placement will be a private adoption between the dog's current owner or shelter and the adopter. Please be sure to investigate thoroughly all aspects of a possible placement, including the suitability of the dog for your personal situation. By proceeding, you hereby release BRAT from any liability in connection with a particular dog. BRAT is posting this information to assist owners and shelters in their placement efforts.

Basenji-mix listings last updated: 11/11/2019 6:33:27 AM (Pacific time)



Adult, Female
Ohio (New 11/11/2019)

GINGER is a 5 year old, 29 pound Basenji mix who is needing a new home because her current owner's health does not allow him to meet her exercise requirements. She is definitely one of those dogs who embodies the adage that a well exercised dog is a good dog! This dog has energy to burn. But she is a sweet girl, happy, loving and affectionate. She is fine with people, most dogs, and has lived with cats, but she'd be too rambunctious for little kids.  

GINGER is spayed, up to date with all vaccinations, preventatives, and has been  well cared for. She is crate and housetrained, and is a very good girl as long as she gets adequate exercise. A well fenced yard is on her short list of wants, plus an owner who is active (and will let her sleep in the bed!). If you're interested, she is ready to move in. Call: (513) 290-6574,or email:  There is a $99 adoption fee for Ginger.



Adult, Female
Alabama (New 11/4/2019)

SWEETIE is a 5 year old, 40 pound Basenji mix who thinks she is a "lap dog"! She was found wandering around an apartment complex with a small dog, and even though her owner was located, he did not want her back. This girl is just as sweet as her name suggests, and even though there were signs of abuse/neglect in her past life she gets along great with all people and most dogs, but she is not good with cats. 

SWEETIE needed shoulder surgery upon arrival to rescue but she has healed perfectly!  She is now spayed, and completely up to date on vaccinations and preventatives. This girl prefers to be indoors rather than out, is very housetrained, is not destructive and has good manners. Consider giving this lovely girl the loving forever home she wants and deserves. For information call:256-649-0971,or email:  There is an adoption fee for Sweetie.


ZZ Top

Young, Male
California (New 11/4/2019)

ZZ TOP has got to be the cutest Basenji mix ever! He is 2 years old, weighs in at 24 pounds, and this little pistol is FUN, FUN, FUN! "Stranger" is not in his vocabulary, he has done well with dogs of all sizes and with a dog savvy cat, but children should be older because he is too exuberant for toddlers. He is up to date with his vaccinations, and is neutered. 

ZZ TOP is medium energy, but has many Basenji traits - including that great curly tall, dislike of water, but he does bark - so he needs an experienced owner. He knows some basic obedience, is great on leash, housetrained. but is still mastering his crate training. Finish off his training with an obedience class or a trick class and this guy will shine! For more information on this cool little dog call: 510-409-1093, or email:  There is a $200 adoption fee for ZZ Top.



Young, Male
Kansas (New 10/21/2019)

KAI ended up in a shelter after being hit by a car, he is now being fostered as he had run out of time at the shelter. He is about a year old, and weighs 35 pounds. This guy has a wonderful personality and temperament and doesn't seem to know a stranger. He has not been around children but would probably be fine, he is great with all the dogs he's met, and if cats don't run from him he really has no interest in them. 

KAI is neutered, all of his shots are up to date, and he has no medical issues. He is house and crate trained (but he will shred any blanket left inside!), and is fine left loose in the house as long as he gets enough exercise.  He needs his exercise, but he also needs his cuddles! For more information about this total sweetheart call: (509) 998-6772, or  There is a $175 adoption fee for Kai. 



Young, Male
Washington (New 10/9/2019)

JAX is a good looking dog, and at 40 pounds the Basenji in him is obviously mixed with something larger. He was rescued as a youngster from leading a miserable life at the end of a chain, but now, a situation change dictates that he needs to find another home. This approximately 2 year old boy is friendly, good with older kids, fine with other dogs, but it's unknown how he feels about cats.  

JAX is healthy, has had his shots but is due for a booster; he is neutered. This is an energetic boy who loves to play with his toys, and other dogs! He isn't crate trained, but is housetrained and uses a doggy door. Because he lacked early socialization he does get a bit anxious with new situations and new people. Continued socialization and obedience training will help build his confidence. For more information, contact his owner at: (425) 399-0514, or  There is a $99 adoption fee for Jax. 



Puppy, Male
Texas (New 9/25/2019)

MURPHY and his buddy, Watson, were kicked out of a car at 2am at a gas station and just left there. They came up to the good samaritan who scooped them up - begging for water and food, full of fleas and no collar. He is approximately 3 months old and is currently 16 pounds - on course to end up at 25-30 pounds. Has been seen by a vet, shots have been started but he is not yet neutered. 

MURPHY is friendly, sweet, social and goofy. He is great with kids, loves other dogs, but cats are an unknown.  Smart little guy, he is house and crate trained, knows, "sit", "come" and will learn more! If you would like to give this curly tailed little guy a home, he would like you to consider also adopting the little mix he was dumped off with - they are good friends. For more information, please call: (541) 579-0756, or  There is an adoption fee for Murphy. 



Young, Male (BRAT Owned, tag #4750)
West Virginia (New 9/9/2019)

Eddy is a playful and affectionate Basenji mix. He was found as a stray and is around 2 years old. Eddy loves being outdoors sitting in the grass or playing. He really likes the company of other dogs and people. It can take him a few minutes to warm up to new people, but once he feels comfortable he will be rolling over asking for belly rubs.   

After a good walk Eddy will sit at your feet or next to you on the couch, if you let him. He is quick to pick up commands and with further training will be an obedient dog. Eddy is good around children, but would do best in a home with older kids that are able to run and play with him. He is crate- trained and has not tried to dig out or escape the yard. Eddy is a very lovable dog that will bring any adopter joy and be a faithful companion for many years. He can not wait to join you on your adventures!   

If you can provide Eddy with a loving home where he has playmates and he can take you on long walks, he would very much love to become part of your family. Eddy is a BRAT Dog with a $175 adoption fee. Please complete adoption application on this website and contact BRAT coordinator for additional information at 



Adult, Male
Texas (New 9/8/2019)

HOBSON is a sweet dog with a nervous disposition who is 6 years old, and weighs 25 pounds. He was abandoned in a shelter when he was only a few months old, and he became a super nervous dog because of it. Once adopted he learned to become a more relaxed dog, but eventually when children came along, he couldn't deal with that. The family tried, but in the end he had to leave.   

HOBSON is becoming more relaxed again now that he is in a rescue. He does not like to be picked up, and although he likes to be loved on, he is usually too anxious to sit still and let people touch him. He is fine with dogs and cats, but kids will make him lick himself raw. Neutered, completely vaccinated, house, and crate trained he can now move in with a patient someone who will give him the time he needs to adjust. For more information about him call: 817-454-6023, or email:  There is a $150 adoption fee for the Hobson. His application is here:  



Young Adult, Female
Florida (New 9/5/2019)

DAISEY has had a very unfortunate start in life. Somehow this bottle raised puppy became an outcast who spent the next 2 and a half years on a chain. After 2 months in rescue this 25 pound, 2 and a half year old girl has come a long way, and is ready to find an appropriate new home with someone who can understand the psyche of a dog recently rescued from a chain. She is a friendly girl who is fine with people once she trusts them, good with dogs and cats, but young children may not be a good choice for her right now.  

DAISEY will need very patient owners, she was treated badly and is initially mistrusting of people. She WANTS to trust and be friends but you must go slow; this is not a mean dog. Spayed, vaccinated and on preventatives, she is a healthy dog. Crate trained but still needs help with housetraining. Playful and active, she would benefit from living with another friendly dog. For more information about her call: (352) 843-6858, or  There is an adoption fee for Daisey.  



Young, Female
Texas (New 6/20/2019)

LUCY is a 40 pound, 2.5 year old Basenji mix who is going to need a specific kind of home. She appears to be a very healthy, loving girl, who is spayed and up to date with shots. She gets along well with adults, kids, dogs and cats. Her problem is her separation anxiety that makes it difficult to leave her alone for more than a few hours. Up until now one of her owners has worked from home, but that situation will be changing soon, so her owners have made the difficult decision to rehome her to avoid her injuring herself.  

LUCY is playful, smart, loving and actually quite a confident dog when someone is with her. Her behavior is quite Basenji like, including the yodeling. She would be the perfect dog if it wasn't for her anxiety when left alone.  Calming medications during very stressful times have been used with some success, but what this girl needs is a home where someone is home all the time, or can take her with them. If you would like more information on this girl please call her owner at: 408-310-0905, or email: <>  There is a $99 adoption fee for Lucy.



Young, Female
Georgia (Updated 4/2/2019)

LUCY was found wandering the streets, she was emaciated and it was obvious that she'd had multiple litters. She was in such poor condition that she was initially completely non-reactive to the 6 cats living in her new home. But now that she is recovering and feeling much better there is beginning to be a definite negative reaction to the cats. This poor girl is trying so hard to be good and not lose her loving new home, but her hunting instinct is strong and living with cats is totally stressing her out. 

LUCY is about 3 years old and weighs 40 pounds. She has been spayed, is completely up to date with vaccinations, heartworm negative and on preventative. She currently has itchy skin which has been attributed to the anxiety of living with the cats. She is a lovely girl, all she wants to do is make you happy, lay in front of the window, or take walks. Very friendly, would probably be good with kids, and loves the other dog in the house. Has good house manners, uses a doggy door, and walks well on leash. For more information about this sweet girl call: 941 284-1187, or email: There is a $99 adoption fee for Lucy.