Dogs listed on our mix page are posted as a courtesy to individuals and shelters. We list mixes with some physical characteristics that are shared by purebred Basenjis. BRAT does not propose to know the parentage of mixes and, by this statement, it informs potential adopters that it cannot and does not assure that the parentage of Basenji mixes include any Basenji. Potential adopters are advised that the most appropriate approach to selecting a companion is to objectively evaluate their own situation and needs and to match that with the personality and behavior of the dog, regardless of parentage.

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The dogs on this page are usually not BRAT dogs. BRAT has not usually evaluated the dogs on this page, and expresses no opinion as to the accuracy of the information contained in their descriptions. Placement will be a private adoption between the dog's current owner or shelter and the adopter. Please be sure to investigate thoroughly all aspects of a possible placement, including the suitability of the dog for your personal situation. By proceeding, you hereby release BRAT from any liability in connection with a particular dog. BRAT is posting this information to assist owners and shelters in their placement efforts.

Basenji-mix listings last updated: 3/31/2020 8:03:36 PM (Pacific time)



Adult, Male
Arizona (New 3/31/2020)

WYLIE ended up in the shelter as a stray, and no one came forward to claim him. He is an adorable 5 year old guy who weighs 20 pounds. This is a very calm dog who will be a real cuddler once he gets to know you. He takes a short time to feel safe. He does well with kids, other dogs, and seemed okay with the cat he met.  

WYLIE is housetrained, crate trained, and has very nice leash manners. He is neutered and  up to date with shots. His adoption fee will include 6 months of HW preventative, and a bag of dog food. If you are interested in adopting Wylie call: 480-430-7076, or email:   



Adult, Female
Florida (New 2/24/2020)

INDIE was adopted from a FL kill shelter 7 years ago and she has been an amazing pet ever since. Unfortunately she does not do well with tiny children, and her owners had to make the heartbreaking decision to give her up. This 7 and a half year old, 27 pound dog has been well cared for and is a very healthy girl! She is spayed, completely up to date with vaccinations and preventatives, and she has just had her standard annual blood work done which she came through with flying colours! 

INDIE is a great dog for the home, smart, obedient, athletic and loving. She is good with all people other than tiny children, she would be okay with 4+ kids; fine with other dogs, but hasn't actually met a cat. House trained and crate trained, she's not destructive and is well behaved. Whoever takes Indie is adopting an amazing dog that will be their best friend for life. Call: (305) 799-0810, or email:  There is a $99 adoption fee. 



Adult, Female
California (New 2/9/2020)

MYSA is 27 pounds of pure affection, fun and loyalty. and although she's about 8 years old, she has the pep of a young dog. She is in excellent shape so you can take her on long walks or hikes but is equally happy sunbathing or curling up on the couch with you. Good with people, rather indifferent towards kids, apprehensive with other dogs at first and then okay, but unknown around cats. 

MYSA is spayed, up to date with vaccinations and preventatives. Completely housetrained, and  stays loose in the house when alone. She understands "sit", "down" and "stay" commands and has the intelligence to know more than you might suspect. Interested in this adorable girl? Call:707-738-6679, or  There is a $99 adoption fee. 



Adult, Female
Texas (New 1/29/2020)

PENNY is 5 year old, 33 pound Basenji mix who is looking for a new home where she can have more fun. She spends her day alone since the loss of her Basenji roommate, and would appreciate the opportunity to be more social than her current situation allows. A multi-dog family, a yard, and more walks would be wonderful for her. And she is great with kids too! 

PENNY appears to be a healthy, playful girl who is spayed, but her shots will be due in April. A very well behaved dog, she is completely housetrained, loves her crate, comes when called and is non destructive. This is a good girl who doesn't appreciate being left all alone for a long time. Call: 210-730-4630, or  There is a $99 adoption fee. 



Young, Male
Texas (New 12/12/2019)

DUDE was found on a dusty TX street when he was about a year old; covered in fleas, and terrified of people. Fast forward to now where this 25 pound, 2 year old has become a quirky and wonderful animal! His finders were hoping to keep him, but he does not fit well into their pack - he is very intimidated by their 100 pound dog. He has been neutered, and is up to date with vaccinations and preventatives.

DUDE has learned to love his people, but is still a little nervous with strangers. The large dog in the home frightens him, but he is fine with the 50 pound dog, and the smaller dogs in the house. Has never met a cat, or little children. He loves to be the center of attention and will reward you with fun, quirky basenji like mannerisms. He is very crate trained, but his housetraining is not perfected yet. This guy is going to need a Basenji savvy home. Interested? Call: (417) 274-2384, or email:  There is a $99 adoption fee.



Adult, Male
Texas (New 9/8/2019)

HOBSON is a sweet dog with a nervous disposition who is 6 years old, and weighs 25 pounds. He was abandoned in a shelter when he was only a few months old, and he became a super nervous dog because of it. Once adopted he learned to become a more relaxed dog, but eventually when children came along, he couldn't deal with that. The family tried, but in the end he had to leave.   

HOBSON is becoming more relaxed again now that he is in a rescue. He does not like to be picked up, and although he likes to be loved on, he is usually too anxious to sit still and let people touch him. He is fine with dogs and cats, but kids will make him lick himself raw. Neutered, completely vaccinated, house, and crate trained he can now move in with a patient someone who will give him the time he needs to adjust. For more information about him call: 817-454-6023, or email:  There is a $150 adoption fee for the Hobson. His application is here: