Dogs listed on our mix page are posted as a courtesy to individuals and shelters. We list mixes with some physical characteristics that are shared by purebred Basenjis. BRAT does not propose to know the parentage of mixes and, by this statement, it informs potential adopters that it cannot and does not assure that the parentage of Basenji mixes include any Basenji. Potential adopters are advised that the most appropriate approach to selecting a companion is to objectively evaluate their own situation and needs and to match that with the personality and behavior of the dog, regardless of parentage.

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The dogs on this page are usually not BRAT dogs. BRAT has not usually evaluated the dogs on this page, and expresses no opinion as to the accuracy of the information contained in their descriptions. Placement will be a private adoption between the dog's current owner or shelter and the adopter. Please be sure to investigate thoroughly all aspects of a possible placement, including the suitability of the dog for your personal situation. By proceeding, you hereby release BRAT from any liability in connection with a particular dog. BRAT is posting this information to assist owners and shelters in their placement efforts.

Basenji-mix listings last updated: 2/4/2019 7:27:27 AM (Pacific time)



Adult, Female
Nevada (New 12/10/2018)

Uno is a five year old, 20 pound Basenji mix who came to NV after spending too much time waiting for a home in OK. She's gambling on the hope that NV will be lucky for her. This special little girl likes people, and does okay with children, but not the small ones. She is good with dogs her size or a bit bigger, but is not always a fan of them being in her direct bubble of space. She loves to play and is very athletic. And she's not a barker, but she does like to talk.

Uno is spayed, up to date on vaccines, crate trained, and knows to use the dog door. She also walks nicely on a leash. Sudden loud noises tend to startle her, and she dislikes that. And like many Basenjis, Uno needs a confident owner. Please consider making Uno part of your family, she hasn't had her own home for a long time. For more information, call (775) 751-0853 or email


Tippy Tap

Young, Male
Texas (Posted 11/27/2018)

Tippy Tap, known less formally as Tippy, is a very sweet 22 pound, 1 and a half year old male. He loves to play with any toys or balls. He has fantastic energy, but he also knows how to settle and cuddle. He's the best cuddle bug ever! This love of a boy enjoys playing with bigger dogs, and he likes to play rough; chase each other around the house and yard, and play tug-a-war. No one knows what happened to Tippy, but he is initially very leery of strangers, and has been known to bite if pushed. But once he knows you are safe , he loves all over you. He is not a children's dog, and he does not like cats.

Tippy is an incredibly smart dog, and his foster states that he is probably one of the smartest, if not THE smartest, dog she has ever fostered! With such intelligence and energy, Tippy would make a wonderful fly ball, or agility dog, This guy is house and crate trained, completely trustworthy in the house, and very obedient. He is completely healthy, up to date with all shots, on HW preventative and is neutered. He needs a home where he can build trust, and no one is concerned that he doesn't like strangers.  He has his issues, but he's such a sweet dog. For more information, please e-mail or call (307) 922-1197. There is a $150 adoption fee for Tippy, and you must fill out an application at



Young, Female
Texas (Posted 10/11/2018)

Meet Sarafina. This pretty girl is originally from Somalia where she was rescued by a servicemember, and is now searching for her happily ever after home in the States. She is two and a half years old, and larger for a Basenji mix at 45 pounds, but has many Basenji characteristics. Sara is struggling to get along with other dogs in the home, and like many Basenjis, she can be picky about her canine friends. But she LOVES all people, including kids and she currently lives with a seven year old.

Sara is a sweet girl who loves to lounge and enjoys being with her humans. She really wants a family of her very own. Quite a healthy girl, she is spayed, up to date on vaccinations and on HW prevention. House and crate trained, obedient, comes when called, and usually pretty quiet, what more can you want? If you are interested, please email for the application. She is currently located in Texas but we will relocate anywhere to the right home!