Q: How much money is too much to donate to BRAT?

A: BRAT sets no arbitrary limits on the amount we will accept from a single donor. Nor do we set limits on how often you give.

Q: Can you recommend a schedule for giving to BRAT?

A: A nice starting place is a donation today and an annual donation sent on the birthday of each furkid in the family.

Q: Won't my upright family members feel neglected if I don't make a donation on their birthdays?

A: You are absolutely right. Add those dates to your BRAT donation schedule!

Q: How can I convince my significant other that these checks I am writing are really going to rescue Basenjis?

A: That's easy; I can answer that one! Just have that inquiring person go to our Donor List to see your name on the list of donors. Of course, if you prefer to remain anonymous, just let us know.

Q: Just out of curiosity, is there any connection between the behavior I see in my Basenji and the organization's name of BRAT?

A: I don't understand the question.

Q: Assuming I will be sending significant sums of money to BRAT on a regular basis, what will my accountant have to say about this?

A: Your accountant! Explain the following: 1) BRAT donations may be tax-deductible; 2) he/she may also donate to BRAT; 3) he/she may complete a BRAT adoption application to start their own adoption proceedings (we strongly suggest that any potential adopters read our Reality Stories first).

Q: I cannot resist this offer to support BRAT. Where do I send the money?

A: Hold that thought! Send your check made out to BRAT, Inc. to:

BRAT c/o Lori King
925 N Birch St
Coquille OR 97423-1268

Q: What if I want to fill my house with neat Basenji things, or what if I want to send some of my neat Basenji things to someone else's house?

A: Many of us can relate to this question. We find ourselves selling or bidding on Basenji items through online auctions where some sellers send a portion of their sales to BRAT. (Get those bids in, folks.)

Q: I really want to donate to BRAT, but I never seem to have any extra cash. Any suggestions?

A: Take several brown paper bags. Label them as follows: Basenji Swimming Equipment and Basenji Rain Gear. Store your household tissue, toilet paper, and Q-tips in them. The products will finally be safe (your Basenjis won't go near them) and the money you save on replacements alone can be used for a significant donation to BRAT.

Q: Is it really true that BRAT uses it funds to send treats to Basenjis who have unfairly been put on diets and transports them to spas where they get pampered day and night and where the sun always shines?

A: Hmmm. Now that sounds like an urban myth in the making. (I think this question originated with a little Basenji who is pouting about being on a diet.) Actually, BRAT is involved in any activity involved in placing unwanted Basenjis into permanent homes. BRAT does not get involved in weight-loss programs.