Celebrating BRAT's 20th Anniversary

This year marks the 20th anniversary of Basenji Rescue and Transport – and what a 20 years it has been! With your help, BRAT has rescued 3,749 Basenjis and hundreds of mixes since 1999. Beyond the normal rehoming, we have coordinated multi-dog rescues; the most notable in recent years were 53 dogs in Wimauma, Florida, the Rock Creek Kennel court ordered auction of 26 Basenjis in Wheaton, Missouri, and 21 dogs near Fredericksburg, Virginia from an owner/breeder who died.

Not only does BRAT rescue, vet and place Basenjis in need, we are committed to the education of all who love this breed. We post information on Facebook and through our email lists. We have also hosted 17 conventions and gatherings through the years to support the work of our volunteers.

The fact remains we cannot do it without your financial support. As we celebrate our 20th year, we are asking you to consider an Anniversary Gift this summer. As a thank you for that support, we will send you a specially designed BRAT 20th anniversary decal for your car. Thank you in advance for your consideration.

Thank you for supporting BRAT!

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