BRAT Holiday Towels

BRAT is pleased to offer our Limited-Edition Embroidered Holiday Towel for sale. Each cream colored towel has one embroidered Basenji and a festive holiday tree on it. The choices of basenji colors are red & white, black & white, brindle, and tri colored. The deluxe towels are large (26" long by 16" wide), 100% cotton sheared terry cloth with hemmed borders and a corner grommet and hook. They are pre-shrunk, machine washable, and dryer safe. They were produced by the same person who did the bandanas we recently had available. We are making them available for purchase for $25 each plus shipping and handling (which varies by the number of towels ordered). Please see shipping and handling costs below for orders to the Continental US. Please contact us at for costs of shipping outside the Continental US or any other questions. Shipping cost to Canada is much higher.

There is no limit on the number of towels you may purchase. Please note in the Additional Information block which color(s) basenji(s) you prefer and how many of each. If you don’t specify a color, you will receive a red & white basenji on the towel. We have a finite number of towels available and once we have sold out there will be no more.

We have sold out of the towels with the corner grommet and hook. Due to popular demand we have ordered 100 more towels so that we can fill your orders. The deluxe towels are very similar but they are slightly smaller and don't have the corner grommet and hook.

Shipping and handling costs:

1 towel $5.00

2 towels $5.00

3 towels $9.00

4 towels $9.00

5+ towels $12.00

Orders for 1 or 2 towels will be mailed First Class. Orders for 3 or more will be shipped Priority mail.

Examples of various orders:

One towel - 1 black $25 plus $5 shipping = $30.00

Two - 1 red and 1 black $50 plus $5 shipping = $55.00

Three - 2 tri and 1 brindle $75 plus $9 shipping = $84.00

Four - 2 red and 2 tri $100 plus $9 shipping = $109.00

Five – 2 red, 1 black, 1 brindle, and 1 tri $125 plus $12 shipping = $137.00

If you want six or more towels or if you wish to make a donation along with your purchase, please select Other Amount and describe in the Additional Information block, for example: three towels - 1 black, 1 tri, and 1 red $75 plus $9 shipping plus $15 donation = $99.00.

Any payments over the cost of the towel(s) and shipping will be considered as a donation to BRAT and is greatly appreciated. The cost of the towel is not considered a donation since it is merchandise that you will receive.

Since the towels are custom orders, your towel(s) will be mailed to you as they are produced. If you chose to pay by check, your order will be mailed after your payment is received. If you do not receive your towel(s) within two weeks, please contact us at

We are determined by the Internal Revenue Service to be tax exempt pursuant to IRS Code Section 501(c)(3) (Federal Identification No. 75-2804588). Consult your accountant for further information regarding the tax deductibility of donations to BRAT. View BRAT's 990 tax forms, IRS determination letter here.

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