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Basenji Sites

Basenji Club of America

Basenji Companions is a club devoted to pet Basenjis. There is a lot of good information about the breed including articles, stories, a photo gallery, health issues, adoption, and tips. (Facebook)

Basenji Forums is a free online community forum where you can communicate with others.

The Basenji Magazine is devoted to Basenjis worldwide since 1964. (Facebook)

Certified Trainers and Behavior Help

American College of Veterinary Behaviorists (ACVB) is a professional organization of veterinarians who have achieved board-certification in the specialty of Veterinary Behavior. Board-certified specialists are known as diplomates. These individuals work with individual pet owners, other animal professionals, and facilities that care for animals in order to manage behavior problems and improve the well-being of animals.

ASPCA's Behaviorial Help for Your Pet

ASPCA's Common Dog Behavior Issues

Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT) is a professional organization of individual trainers who are committed to becoming better trainers through education. Mission statement: To represent and advance the dog training profession through education and advocacy. Pet owners can use their search feature to find a trainer by zip code.

Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers (CCPDT) As a dog owner, the CCPDT understands how important it is for you to find a dog trainer that you can trust has the knowledge necessary to meet the needs of you and your dog. Dog training and behavior change is a science but it in not a regulated science. There is no licensing and no oversight. With the CCPDT designations, you can gain the confidence you need to choose a dog trainer for your dog. Find a professional dog trainer by zip, name, state, province, or country.

GoodPup A site recommended by the Humane Society of the United States. GoodPup offers private, one-on-one training sessions on live video calls, unlimited, 24/7 chat with dog behavior and veterinary experts and daily, guided practice and progress check-ins.

International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC) The goals of the IAABC are to standardize and support the practice of companion animal behavior consulting, while providing resources for pet owners needing advice. Find a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant (CDBC) with their search feature.

Karen Pryor's Clicker Training is an animal training method based on behavioral psychology that relies on marking desirable behavior and rewarding it.

Health Information

The American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association (AHVMA) explores and supports alternative and complementary approaches to veterinary healthcare, and is dedicated to integrating all aspects of animal wellness in a socially and environmentally responsible manner..

ASPCA's Pet Care Find links here to animal poison control, dog care, pet loss, and other important topics.

Dog Food Advisor

Dog Food Advisor Dog Food Recalls

Fanconi Syndrome Information

The American Red Cross offers a first aid app for for both iPhone and Android users. Learn about allergic reactions, chocking. poisoning, wounds and more.

The Merck Veterinary Manual

Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) does both health testing and health test record keeping. You can research the health records of Basenjis here and also order DNA tests, including Fanconi.

Whole Dog Journal is a magazine dedicated to all things dog. This no-advertising publication covers nutrition, training, behavior advice and more. WDJ is a good resource for reviews on food, dog toys, and more. Find out more »

How to Find a Lost Pet

Finding a Lost Pet The ASPCA documents the how-to of getting your loved one back home.

Lure Coursing and Racing

American Kennel Club Lure Coursing (AKC)

American Sighthound Field Association (ASFA)

Regional Basenji Clubs and Meetup Groups

ARIZONA Copper State Basenji Club

CALFORNIA Basenji Club of Northern California

CALIFORNIA Basenjis of Point Isabel Meetup Group

CALIFORNIA South Coast Basenji Fanciers (Facebook)

MARYLAND Mid-Atlantic Basenji Club (Facebook)

MISSOURI Route 66 Basenji Club

NEW YORK Basenji Meetup in New York City

NEW YORK Rip Van Winkle Basenji Club

OREGON Willamette Valley Basenji Club (Facebook)

TEXAS Austin Basenji Meetup Group (Facebook)

TEXAS Dallas-Fort Worth Basenji Club (Facebook)

WASHINGTON Evergreen Basenji Club

WISCONSIN Basenji Club of Southeastern Wisconsin